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28th Feb 2024
Ida Innes cuts the celebratory cake at Harriet Court watched by Michael Newey and Joanne Grimes sm

A housing with care home has celebrated its 20th birthday with a cake being cut by its newest resident – who just happened to lay the first ceremonial brick at the scheme when it was being built in the early 2000s.

88 year-old Ida Innes moved into Harriet Court, on Lakenfields just off City Road, just ten days before the anniversary celebrations, but it was not her first time at the home, which is owned by Broadland Housing and operated by Norse Care; she laid the first ceremonial brick at the complex in 2002 in her role as a Broadland Housing tenant representative.

Ida was joined in the cake-cutting ceremony by Broadland Housing chief executive Michael Newey and Norse Care team leader Joanne Grimes, who has worked at Harriet Court for the entire two decades it has been in operation.

As part of the birthday celebrations, a time capsule which will be buried in the grounds.  Each resident contributed an item for the time capsule, with photos, documents and even a set of false teeth being interred for future generations to find.

The home, which provides its 40 residents with care and support as they live in their own self-contained flats, was opened by former Norwich City goalkeeper Bryan Gunn in 2004.

“Although I have only just moved into Harriet Court, I think it’s really lovely,” said Ida, who previously lived at The Elms, also run by Broadland Housing, for 28 years.

“There is a real sense of community here, the staff are lovely, and it’s very friendly,” said Ida, whose three children and nine grandchildren all live outside Norfolk.

“When my husband and I retired we got involved with Broadland Housing.  It is really important for tenants to have a voice in how an organisation like this is run, and that is how I came to lay the first brick here.  Little did I know I would be living here 20 years later!”

Address Harriet Court’s residents, who had gathered for a celebratory party in the complex’s communal area, Mr Newey said, “Harriet Court represented a significant investment for Broadland two decades ago, and it is a real pleasure every time I come back here and see just how ‘at home’ everyone feels.

“Harriet Court is one of a number of housing with care homes where we partner with Norse Care, and the combination of quality homes and excellent support for residents is an important part of the long-running success of our housing with care schemes.”

Harriet Court is one of eight housing with care schemes owned by Broadland Housing in Norfolk.