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Social Media

Many of us are using social media in our personal lives, whether keeping in touch with friends on Facebook or having conversations on Twitter. And yet many businesses struggle to see the benefit of using this growing medium for corporate purposes; or if they do, they often can’t get to grips with how to harness it effectively.

Our view is that social media should be viewed as an important channel within the context of your PR strategy – not something that sits separate from it.

The real strength of social media is that it allows organisations to enter into conversations with clients, partners, suppliers, staff and other stakeholders. For some (especially those who are used to being in complete control of the message) this prospect is scary; but actually it represents a great opportunity to create much deeper engagement with these audiences, who now expect you to do this anyway.

Integration with other communications channels is vital. You need to ensure that your message, and your tone of voice, is consistent, and in line with your brand values.

Newman Associates can offer a wide range of services relating to social media: building it into your PR strategy; training your staff to take control; creating a social media infrastructure which is right for you; or delivering your social media activity on your behalf.