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Crisis Management

Limiting damage to a reputation should the worst happen is often overlooked until it’s too late. But good preparation, a well-rehearsed plan and well-trained personnel can ensure that any crisis can be contained, and even in some cases turned into a positive.

Bringing in specialist experts (for example in the field of IT), Newman Associates will undertake a comprehensive risk assessment, before formulating a plan to cope with all types of scenarios. The company will work with the client to train for and rehearse these scenarios, recommending the right mix of in-house resource and external expertise.

It is important that a crisis management plan is not simply formulated and left to gather dust on the shelf. Regular review and refresher training is important if any potential crisis is to be dealt with in a professional manner and with the minimum of damage to corporate reputation.

Should the worst happen, Newman Associates will be with you all the way. We have extensive experience in running crisis rooms and managing fast-moving media situations.