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Media Training

Whether it is a great PR opportunity, or a crisis which requires a calm and thought-through response, the ability to get across focussed, clear messages on all types of media is vital.

Even the most confident public speaker can become nervous when faced with a reporter’s microphone, and knowing how to prepare for these situations and use them for your organisation’s advantage is a real skill.

Newman Associates offers a bespoke media training programme which takes into account the specific needs of each individual organisation, tailoring the training to take into account relevant issues and media types. We do not offer ‘off-the-shelf’ training courses open to delegates from different companies at the same time: all of our media training is client-specific.

Our training courses can cover all types of media (many such courses neglect written press, when this is probably the most common type of interview many organisations will be faced with). We have a roster of leading journalists who provide an injection of realism into the proceedings, and who bring valuable insights into what the media will be looking for from such encounters.

Our media training is not just about practising interviews (although this is a central part of the process); we will also provide valuable skills and tips in such areas as:

  • Understanding what makes a news story
  • What to do before agreeing to an interview
  • What to expect in various situations (e.g. studio interview)
  • Preparing your messages – and sticking to them
  • How to deal with unexpected questions
  • Avoiding common mistakes
  • Body language
  • The Media Matrix – our bespoke tool for ensuring you get your messages across