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PR Strategy

Public Relations is a powerful tool to build, maintain and manage an organisation’s reputation. Reputation has a profound effect on every aspect of a company’s activities, from raising finance to recruiting and retaining staff, finding the best suppliers to attracting and keeping loyal customers.

As such, PR strategy should form a central part of a business’s corporate planning, not simply be viewed as a tactical tool in the marketing toolbox.

That strategy needs to cover every aspect of how your organisation’s reputation will be viewed: how your organisation conducts itself; identifying the key audiences and, just as importantly, key influencers; agreeing a consistent message and tone of voice; planning for the unforeseen; identifying appropriate communications channels; building trust; and ensuring the effectiveness of PR activity can be measured so that you can see a return on your investment.

Newman Associates’ strategic PR planning process touches on all aspects of an organisation’s activities, and results in a PR Action Plan which can be implemented either by an in-house team, by the agency, or through a combination of the two.