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Newman Associates PR was founded in 2004 by experienced senior PR practitioner Andy Newman.

With over 35 years’ experience in the profession, he has advised for a huge range of clients, from large corporate companies such as Debenhams, Colman’s, Denplan, Hoseasons Holidays and Bernard Matthews, as well as a raft of smaller businesses, and various public sector and voluntary bodies.

Originally from Hampshire, Andy studied languages at the University of East Anglia, before settling in the city of Norwich, from where his business operates.

Prior to starting Newman Associates, Andy was a director of a large advertising and PR agency. It was here that he realised that a smaller, more agile structure would be better suited to providing bespoke solutions for clients.

With that in mind, the ‘Associates’ idea was born. Rather than employing a large staff, the company engages with individual and small agency ‘Associates’, bringing in bespoke skills as needed by each client. This ensures that the resource available to deliver each project is spot-on, both in terms of quantity and quality