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24th Nov 2019

A Norfolk auction house will be taking a starring TV role this week when the BBC’s Celebrity Antiques Road Trip visit to north Norfolk hits the screen.

Model and Strictly Come Dancing star Penny Lancaster and Loose Women presenter Andrea McLean, accompanied by antiques experts Tim Medhurst and David Harper, were filmed at Keys Auctioneers and valuers in the summer as part of the latest series – and the episode featuring the Aylsham auction house will be broadcast on BBC Two on Wednesday at 7pm.

Penny, who is a keen antiques collector, found the time to pick up a present for husband Rod Stewart during the filming, whilst Andrea was making her first foray in the world of antiques.

The pair bought their items in various locations in Essex before heading to Norfolk to try and make a profit at one of Keys’ monthly Antiques and Interiors sales.

Tracey Rust-Andrews, associate director at Keys, said, “It was great fun hosting the programme here in the summer, and it’s always good to see regional auction houses getting national exposure.  We are of course sworn to secrecy about how the two celebrities fared at the auction – people will have to watch the programme to find out.”

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip is on BBC Two on Wednesday 27th November at 7pm.