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3rd Apr 2016
John Archibald 2

North Norfolk’s largest social landlord has seen satisfaction amongst its residents rise to its highest level ever – with 89% saying they were satisfied with the service they received from the Trust, and just 5% expressing dissatisfaction.

The figures, revealed in Victory’s annual ‘Star’ survey, shows that overall satisfaction levels are 3% ahead of the national benchmark set for housing associations, and have risen by 2% since the last survey 12 months ago.

The survey saw satisfaction levels ahead of the national benchmark in every single section, with the rating given for how well Victory keeps its residents informed showing a particular jump.

Overall the satisfaction ratings were:

  • Satisfaction overall: 89% (2014: 87%; national benchmark: 86%)
  • Quality of home: 91% (2014: 91%; national benchmark: 84%)
  • Value for money of rent: 89% (2014: 89%; national benchmark: 80%)
  • Value for money of service charge: 75% (2014: 74%; national benchmark: 66%)
  • Dealing with enquiries generally: 86% (2014: 85%; national benchmark: 82%)
  • Listens and takes account of views: 69% (2014: 69%; national benchmark: 68%)
  • Kept informed: 89% (2014: 84%; national benchmark: 79%)
  • Repairs and maintenance overall: 86% (2014: 85%; national benchmark: 79%)
  • Neighbourhood as a place to live: 92% (2014; 93%; national benchmark: 84%)

“This is a very pleasing set of figures, and is testament to the hard work which the team at Victory has put in to provide the best possible service to our residents,” said Victory chief executive John Archibald.

“We have been on an upwards trajectory ever since our very first Star Survey in 2007, when overall satisfaction was 84%.  It is particularly pleasing that we are ahead of the national benchmark scores in every single section of the survey.

“Over the last year we have been working hard to tackle the issue of keeping residents informed, and we are pleased to see that satisfaction score take a big jump.  This reflects the work of our new Residents’ Panel, and our revamped structures for resident involvement, and it is good to see that these are helping to boost resident satisfaction.

“This is a really excellent set of figures, but we will not be resting on our laurels.  With our finances under pressure, the challenge in the coming months and years will be to continue to deliver this high level of service.”

A total of 2,133 households took part in the survey, 44% of Victory residents.  The research was carried out in November and December 2015 by Sheffield-based specialist housing research company ARP Research.