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1st Aug 2019

Light, easy-drinking and good value, it’s no surprise that Italian Pinot Grigio, made in Italy’s northeast corner, has remained a popular choice for wine drinkers who are seeking an unchallenging summer glass to quaff.

But there are plenty of great Italian alternatives to this now rather cliched choice, some reasonably well-known like Soave.  More interestingly, we are now seeing some southern pretenders to the easy-drinking throne, and among them is a grape that few have heard of, from Sicily: Grillo.

Originally planted because its high sugar content suited that island’s fortified wine Marsala, we are now seeing well-made white wines made from Grillo arriving in the UK.  Fresh wines with lemon and apple flavours, and even a hint of nuttiness, Grillo is a great alternative if you’re looking for that quintessential easy-drinking white Italian wine, but don’t want to follow the Pinto Grigio herd.