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1st Sep 2016
Mosel Riesling

The New World has muscled in on many wine types, but some grapes are just better when grown in their original, European heartlands, and Riesling is one such grape.  A Cinderella grape which was tarred with the nasty Liebfraumilch wave of the 1970s, Riesling is probably the most versatile grape, diametrically opposite in style to Chardonnay.

This is a grape which really takes on the character of the terroir, so the style varies hugely even from vineyard to vineyard, giving infinite variety.

The Mosel Valley in Germany is the grape’s epicenter, and here you will find all styles, from steely, minerally dry wines to luscious sweet Beerenausleses.  But often overlooked is Riesling’s other heartland, Alsace, where the grape produces mainly dry, but rich and spicy wines which are ideal with food.