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drink different - malbec

1st Mar 2015

One of the New World wines which has really established itself on British restaurant wine lists is Argentinean Malbec.  Big, inky-black, dense and tannic, and usually high in alcohol, this is the perfect foil for red meat, and in particular steak.  A true Gaucho wine.

But Argentina is not the spiritual home of the Malbec grape – that is to be found in the southwest of France, around the ancient city of Cahors.  Grown here since Roman times, Malbec, also known locally as ‘Côt’ and ‘Auxerrois’, is the backbone of a great and undervalued red wine. Which can also include up to 30% Merlot or Tannat.

What’s nice to see is these two very different regions working together: the respective bodies representing each region have got together to promote the grape, and next month even sees a World Malbec Day on 17th April.  I’ll drink to that!