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1st Apr 2018
Sancerre Rose

Spring at last, and as the memories of the ‘Beast from the East’ fade, we are all looking forward to sipping wine in the sunshine on our patios.  And the best wine to do that with is a glass of rosé.

Nowadays, it’s not a slightly sweet rosé from the Loire which first comes to mind, but a pale pink from Provence – the Grenache-based southern rosés are very much the fashion.  Generally drier than their Loire counterparts, these are wines which are equally at home with food.

If you fancy something a bit different, but still with the seriousness of a southern French rosé, our suggestion is that you look back to the Loire – but the upper reaches of this 100km river, where you will find rosé made from the Burgundian Pinot Noir grape in the famous wine region of Sancerre.  With the classic fruit flavours of a pinot Noir, and a dry, crisp finish, this is just the ticket for those first al fresco spring lunches.