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12th Mar 2018
NNAB Dining In The Dark

A culinary event with a difference, offering a unique sensory experience, is coming to Norfolk this week with ‘Dining In The Dark’ – allowing diners to experience taste, sound and smell as never before.

Hosted by the award-winning Brasteds restaurant in Framingham Pigot, and held in aid of the Norfolk & Norwich Association for the Blind (NNAB), Dining In The Dark will see diners wearing blindfolds as they eat, allowing them to completely re-evaluate perceptions of taste and smell.

“Dining in absolute darkness is a really sensory experience which makes you rediscover your taste and smell, removes preconceptions about food which all sighted people have from its appearance, and brings lots of interesting and unexpected gastronomic experiences in a fun environment,” said Donna Minto, event organiser from the NNAB.

“By judging food solely on what it smells and tastes like, we find that people experience enhanced flavours, and a totally different take on what they are eating.  In addition, dining in darkness frees all sorts of inhibitions and fosters a real atmosphere of conviviality amongst the diners present.”

During the event, a three course meal will be served to diners, who are encouraged (although it is optional) to wear their blindfolds throughout.  Members of the NNAB will be on hand to share their experiences of food and drink from a visually-impaired point of view.

The Dining In The Dark event takes place on Friday 16th March from 7pm.  Tickets, which cost £40 including a three course dinner, are available from Brasteds (www.brasteds.co.uk or 01508 491112) or for more information contact the NNAB (donnaminto@nnab.org.uk or 01603 629558).